modulare prosopographische registratur

Entity knowledge base for Institute for Habsburg and Balkan Studies (IHB)

Growing entity store for modular storage of common institution, person, place and work information.

Currently including project data from:


Including Entity references for the ongoing source edition project QhoD – Digitale Edition von Quellen zur habsburgisch-osmanischen Diplomatie 1500–1918 , with its own collection of person, institution and place references.

Entities mentioned in the 'Minutes of the council of the ministers of Austria and of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy'

The MPR database contains structured entities from the hybrid edition 'Minutes of the Council of Ministers, 1848−1918’ The entities mostly refer to persons, places and institutions mentioned in these originally confidential minutes, such as the members of the government, the emperor, members of the higher state administration, citizens who received honors from the emperor, etc.

As institutions are concerned, ministries and hundreds of state offices of Cisleithania as well as Hungary and abroad were mentioned, but also political parties, representational bodies, and military units. Places mentioned were of course the seats of the aforementioned persons and institutions or the sites where events took place, including historical political entities, such as the kingdoms of the period, and all political and juridical sub-units of Cisleithania.

more to come…

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