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Titel Ljubljana
  • MRP PrintIndex prefLabel CMR 02-0: Laibach (Ljubljana)
  • mpr reference: [II/1] / 8
  • mpr reference: [II/4] / 262 f.,371,383
  • alternative name: Laibach
  • alternative name: Ljubljana
  • MRP PrintIndex prefLabel CMR 08-1: Laibach (Ljubljana)
  • ID 10676
    Type None
    Lat/Lng 46.050833 / 14.505
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  • MPR auto regest import
  • Import additional Entities 2-21
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    Start End Other relation type Related Institution
    location of Finanzdirektion Laibach
    location of Landesgericht, Laibach
    location of k. k. Bezirksgericht Laibach
    location of k. k. Gefälls-Bezirksgericht Laibach
    location of Staatsanwaltschaft, Laibach
    location of k. k. Notariats-Kammer in Laibach
    location of Advokatenkammer, Laibach
    location of Landesregierung, Krain
    location of Landtag, Krain
    location of Gemeinderat, Laibach


    Label Start End Label type ISO Code
    Laibach (Ljubljana) MRP PrintIndex prefLabel CMR 02-0 deu
    [II/1] / 8 mpr reference deu
    [II/4] / 262 f.,371,383 mpr reference deu
    Laibach alternative name deu
    Ljubljana alternative name deu
    Laibach Legacy name (merge) deu
    Ljubljana Legacy name (merge) deu
    Laibach (Ljubljana) MRP PrintIndex prefLabel CMR 08-1 deu



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